Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolt Review

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolt Review

Carbon Express leads the industry with innovation and its vast range of power-packed arrows, cross bolts, and accessories. Maxima Hunter Crossbolt is Carbon Express’ most reliable and tested premium-grade carbon crossbow bolt. These best crossbow bolts for deer with a weight-forward design are faster and more accurate than typical carbon crossbow bolts.

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolt Review

Review of Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolt


Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolts are precision-designed carbon-weave crossbow bolts. These top-of-the-line crossbow bolts are made for extreme hunting conditions.

Also, the carbon weave provides higher strength and accuracy. These Crossbolts are designed for both hunting and target archers.

The crossbow bolt is designed to be light, durable, and accurate, with a carbon-weave that’s strong enough to withstand the impact of traveling at speeds. Moreover, its components work together to reduce noise and vibration while providing smooth arrow flight.


  • +-.0025″ straightness tolerance
  • Available in 20″ and 22″ lengths
  • 3″ Fusion vanes are factory engraved
  • It is Carbon Express’ most proven camouflage bolt.
  • It has proven the Camo Mossy Oak Treestand pattern.
  • Straightness and weight deliver optimal consistency
  • It includes flat nocks and features already installed inserts and moon nocks

Tighter Groupings With Stand

In the stand or on the range, hunters benefit from increased speed and tighter groupings with the Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolts, composed entirely of lightweight carbon. The BuffTuff Plus carbon weave, a trademarked technology, is very long-lasting and accurate.

Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology

This arrow has two spines. This innovative fusion of two separate carbon compounds improves energy management and recovery times. Speed, accuracy, and precision are all improved by 20 percent with the use of bolts.

Moreover, fast recovery and optimized trajectory are two advantages offered by Carbon Express Maxima Hunter Crossbolt arrows, which utilize Dual Spine Weight Forward technology. Afterward, the unique BuffTuff Plus carbon weave ensures long-term durability and precision.

Real Straightness

Maxima Hunter crossbow bolts are tested for straightness to a stunning 1/10,000 of an inch by lasers on every single one. The +/- 0.0025″ figure for Maxima Hunter straightness represents a maximum, not an average.


When combined with the revolutionary WeightForward technology, the broadhead-tipped arrows will have half the oscillation and twice the accuracy.

Double and triple spine carbon arrows from Carbon Express deliver up to four times the accuracy of typical single spine shafts due to their game-changing Dual-Spine and Tri-Spine technology.

These technologies combine different spine carbon shafts to provide the arrow’s distal end(s) better control and deliver faster recovery and more spin when it exits the bow.

Final Verdict

The Carbon Express Company is a premier manufacturer of carbon arrows, crossbow bolts, crossbows, and a complete line of archery accessories.

It is committed to continually offering state-of-the-art goods to assist archers Shoot Better. Its crossbow bolts have become popular with many archers, including the world’s top bowhunters and target archers.

Furthermore, Carbon Express delivers performance through laser-checked and precision-measured production techniques, as well as patented design that consistently achieves outcomes that far exceed industry standards.

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