What Are the Benefits of the Bench Press?

You already know that the bench press helps strengthen the chest. But various other benefits are sure to make you want to train more. Want to know what they are? Works multiple muscles at once.

The first of the benefits has precisely to do with the muscles. It may seem that the bench press is just for training the chest, but this is far from the truth: several other muscle groups are involved in the movement of raising and lowering the bar.

What Are the Benefits of the Bench Press?

When practicing the bench press, you work at once:

  • The pectoralis major and minor;
  • The deltoids;
  • The serratus anterior;
  • The triceps;
  • The coracobrachialis.

This means that by doing the bench press, you also save time — after all, you don’t have to work one muscle at a time.

It Can Be Done in Different Ways

Generally speaking, there are three variations in bench press practice: the straight bench press, the incline bench press, and the incline bench press. Each of them has its benefits:

  • The bench press works more on the pectoralis major, being a “balanced” version between the incline and incline bench press;
  • The incline bench press demands more of the deltoid than the straight bench press; that is, it is more interesting for the hypertrophy of this muscle;
  • The decline bench press, in turn, works the lower part of the pectoral more and less the deltoids.

So, you can vary your exercise to better work a specific muscle. The best bench press is precisely the one that allows you to change the exercise variation, which happens by adjusting the bench.

High-calorie Burn

Like all physical activity, the bench press favors the burning of calories. The movements and effort of the muscles make you burn calories at the time of the exercise, but the bench press also favors the burning of calories after training.

The first thing you do is exercise increases your heart rate. This increases your metabolism and triggers you to lose weight. Depending on the method by which you exercise depending on the method used, you can retain this effect for the whole day.

Plus, you also gain muscle mass over time, which increases your basal metabolism rate. Simply put, your body, having more muscle, needs more energy to stay active; that is, it burns more calories.

Improves Posture

One of the common causes for bad posture is the low development of the back muscles. For example, they don’t get much exercise when they’re just sitting all day, which causes poor posture.

Since the bench press works some of the back muscles well, the practice of the exercise leads to an improvement in posture, which affects the health of the spine, decreasing pain and increasing the feeling of well-being.

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