Which Bike Trainer Is Right for Me

Which Bike Trainer Is Right for Me?

A bicycle trainer is trendy among (fanatic) cyclists and mountain bikers. Would you like to buy a bicycle trainer, but you do not know which bicycle trainer is best for you? Understandable because there are many different types, types and brands of bicycle trainers for sale.

In this article, we explain what you should pay attention to when purchasing a bicycle trainer, which types of bicycle trainers there are and we give advice about bicycle trainers. We will therefore answer the most frequently asked questions about bicycle trainers.

Which Bike Trainer Is Right for Me

What Is a Bike Trainer?

With a bicycle trainer, you train indoors at home on your racing bike or mountain bike, with which you usually train outdoors. A bicycle trainer can be a good solution for when it is rainy, cold or dark outside and it is not pleasant or safe to cycle outside.

In that case, you train at home on your own trusted bike. The bicycle trainer can also be used as a warm-up or cooling down, or when you want to cycle at home for a short time instead of a long route.

You place your racing bike or mountain bike in a bicycle trainer. Depending on the bike trainer you have, you will need to disassemble your rear wheel or need an accessory to mount your bike on the bike trainer.

In addition, there are different types of bicycle trainers available with which you can train interactively, for example, Zwift.

What Types of Bike Trainers Are Available?

Before you buy an indoor bicycle trainer, there are two choices you have to make. Do you want a Direct Drive bicycle trainer, a Wheel on bicycle trainer or a Rollerbank? Furthermore, an Interactive or Smart bike trainer differs from a Basic bike trainer.

Interactive Training on a Bicycle Trainer?

Interactive training on a bicycle trainer makes your trainer even more fun. By training with an application, for example, Zwift, you can cycle around the world through different landscapes.

The bike trainer simulates a climb using the software if your landscape goes uphill. In addition, you can use interactive apps to compete with other users or choose a training program in which you can get the best out of yourself.

In addition, an application such as Zwift accurately tracks your cycling performance so that you can follow your progress closely. You can train interactively with Zwift because your bike trainer connects to your smartphone, tablet or PC with Bluetooth or ANT+.

What Do You Need to Train Interactively?

To train interactively with a bike trainer, you need the following:

  • Racing bike
  • Interactive bicycle trainer

 Optional is a primary bicycle trainer with a separate ANT+ antenna and speed and cadence sensor.

  • Computer, TV, tablet or smartphone
  • Tablet holder when you use a tablet or smartphone
  • (Trial) account with a sports application (note: there are costs associated with using some sports applications).

Are you sure you want to train with your bicycle trainer indoors with Zwift or other interactive apps? Then we recommend choosing an interactive bicycle trainer.

With interactive bicycle trainers, all sensors and antennas are usually built-in and you no longer have to purchase separate accessories.

Do you have a primary bike trainer or roller bench but would you like to train interactively? No problem. As can be seen, there are several choices for interactive training using independent sensors and antennas.

Make sure that your sensors can be connected to the device you want to use. For example, you also need an ANT+ antenna with Garmin sensors since Garmin sensors cannot be connected via Bluetooth.

Want to Buy a Bicycle Trainer?

Are you considering buying a bicycle trainer, but after reading the above advice, you are unsure which bicycle trainer is the best for you? Contact our customer service and they will be happy to provide you with appropriate and non-binding advice!

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